Automated Timber Measurement


AFoRS provides a user-friendly solution to the user for the automated measurement of timber in the forest, in the factory or on the truck. with smartphone, tablet or a camera are data volume, cubic meters, master number and strength class distribution provided.

With AFoRS there is an innovative IT-tool available, which everyone involved in the forest-wood-cluster offers the possibility to optimize the exchange of information along an individual wood supply chain.

AFoRS is optimizing your timber logistics and thus helps in sustainable forest management.

AFoRS is basically composed of five innovative system components:

  1. Mobile acquisition of raw wood using Android-based smart phones, a camera or a tablet
  2. Wireless data transmission via UMTS, HSDPA +, LTE or Wi-Fi
  3. Fully automatic image data processing and calculation of area measurement, solid measurement, the trunk count and the strength class distribution of detected stacked timber
  4. Dynamic structuring, management, processing and presentation of data on the AFoRS web platform
  5. Data exchange with process partners and customers through various export interfaces

AFoRS supports the process automation in the timber industry on the part of all stakeholders of the forest wood cluster. Special advantages result from the rapid availability of data as well as the possible trace ability of the data based on the available output images.